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Establishment of a branch

The branch represents a dismemberment without legal personality of another company and has the role of contributing to the achievement of the object of activity of the ‘parent’ company.

Unlike the subsidiary, the branch does not have an independent existence, it does not operate autonomously, being able to perform activities only from the sphere of activity of the ‘parent’ company. The branch does not have its own patrimony.

The branch is established at the Trade Register of the county in which it is to operate. The name of the branch will be made up of the name of the company ‘mother’, the name of the locality where it has its headquarters, the word ‘branch’, followed by the name of the locality where the branch has its headquarters.

Required documents:

  • Copy of legal documents of the ‘parent’ company: registration certificate, articles of incorporation;

  • Copy of identity documents of associates and administrators of the primary company ‘mother’;

  • Updated extract of the ‘parent’ company (detailed ascertaining certificate) - not older than 30 days at the submission of the file;

  • Letter of credit from the bank where the account of the ‘mother’ company is opened;

  • Proof of the location: copy of the owners' identity card + deed of ownership of the building (if the office is at the apartment, the consent of the tenants will also be required);

  • The accounting documents of the ‘parent’ company and the financial situation of its last year.

If the ‘parent’ company is a foreign company, the legal documents listed above will be translated into Romanian.


5-7 working days from the submission of the file

Contact us for details on 0374.88.40.45.


Customers recommend us!

  • Maria Maxim - Financial Manager of Trust Avtek Energy
    "With special consideration and gratitude for their work and involvement, the Avtek Energy Business Trust recommends the Expert Mind team as professionals. The first company in the Avtek Energy trust has already celebrated 9 years of collaboration with Expert Mind. We responsibly state that Expert Mind has become point of support for the complex gear of the Avtek Energy Trust. Without being modest, but only honest, it makes us responsible and at the same time we enjoy being part of those advised and assumed by Expert Mind as clients with a history. We are convinced that together we will continue to build a fruitful collaboration. "
    Maria Maxim - Financial Manager of Trust Avtek Energy
  • Ivan Sirbu - General Manager - MOTIKO FROZEN SRL
    "Expert Mind - a team full of energy and experience! Along with you, I started to understand differently everything that means accounting management, audit and legal advice. We are very happy to have you with us! ”
    Ivan Sirbu - General Manager - MOTIKO FROZEN SRL
    "Thank you to a complete team! Seriousness, promptitude and correctness. I highly recommend this beautiful "family"! "
  • Liviu Vochita - Administrator of WOLF LINE CNC SRL
    „I'm super happy. Expert Mind offers complete services at a fair cost and promptitude in all.”
    Liviu Vochita - Administrator of WOLF LINE CNC SRL
  • Raluca Mehedincu - Amplified Software Team
    „We chose to collaborate with the Expert Mind team, because we wanted a reliable partner to be with us both at the beginning and during the adventure we had started. We turned to this option for two relatively trivial reasons: 1. Expert Mind is a company with a history (this fact has inspired our confidence) and 2. They are among the fastest to respond to our requests. Following the initial discussions and the establishment process, they showed us that we can always rely on them for advice, guidance, and that we made the right choice. Because our company does not have in the team any person specialized in legal, accounting or human resources, Expert Mind proved to be a real partner in these fields, teaching us to manage our company correctly. We are confident knowing that all aspects are covered, the documentation is up to date, we receive notifications whenever certain procedures change, and we can focus our attention on our objectives.”
    Raluca Mehedincu - Amplified Software Team
  • Sergiu Acatrinei - Administrator of SIGNIVIS SRL
    "As a sign of gratitude for the excellent collaboration I have with Expert Mind, I must once again note the professionalism with which all the requests were made and I appreciate the way in which it accurately presents all the necessary information."
    Sergiu Acatrinei - Administrator of SIGNIVIS SRL
  • Lucia Corlat - Administrator CABINET VETERINAT SNOWVET SRL
    "One of the basic elements for which I appreciate the collaboration with Expert Mind is the working relationship established from the first contact. The information provided was clear and to the point, I received concise instructions when I had a question and the establishment of the office was much faster and less stressful than I had hoped. I appreciated the existence and the possibility of implementing the initialization plan, which, for me, was a real help. Communication with the Accounting Department was very good from the beginning. I especially appreciate the clarity of the monthly situations received so far. "
    Lucia Corlat - Administrator CABINET VETERINAT SNOWVET SRL
  • Bernini Mentore - Founder of the Bernini Group
    "I would like to thank the Expert Mind team for their involvement and dedication in collaboration with their partners. You have an extraordinarily high performance indicator. Congratulate!"
    Bernini Mentore - Founder of the Bernini Group
  • Alexandra Cauia - Sales Manager TRI WALL ROMANIA
    "I am totally very satisfied with the collaboration with Expert Mind from these 2 years. I'm glad I made the change and started this collaboration. I am especially pleased with the collaboration because I managed to receive explanations on my understanding for the situations encountered so far, I received timely support in a professional way, I received global information about the company's situation and how it is highlighted financially- accounting in a way that is easy for me to understand. Thank you."
    Alexandra Cauia - Sales Manager TRI WALL ROMANIA
  • Andrei Zancianu - Administrator CORSINI RISTORANTE SRL
    “I consider the collaboration with Expert Mind a gain from the moment I decided to sign the service providers contract. It turned out that Expert Mind became a partner that offers us business security. If I am asked why? I can write some of the benefits we have from working with them: - Total transparency on the services provided; - Mutual trust gained during the collaboration; - Security of the result and of the real information transmitted; - Data confidentiality; - Consulting and correct but also concrete information provided in due time so that the situation created by the Covid 19 virus can be better managed from the point of view of managerial decisions but also of taxation; - All members of the Expert Mind team showed professionalism and promptness at every request; - They are very well organized and structured, so that any situation occurs, especially the unforeseen ones, we could always ask for help, and they will come with concrete solutions for both financial services and other services offered by Expert Mind, respectively legal services, human resources, ONRC, etc. Thanks Expert Mind.”
    Andrei Zancianu - Administrator CORSINI RISTORANTE SRL
  • Vlad Popescu - Foliatech Administrator
    "I recommend Expert Mind! I always have support and receive updated and complete information. Experienced, friendly staff. Any problem or request is solved in the shortest time. If you need a reliable long-term partner, they are the solution!"
    Vlad Popescu - Foliatech Administrator
  • Raluca Maria Avadani – administrator
    "From the very beginning, I received extremely clear consultancy and verified information, both by phone and in writing by e-mail. I am pleasantly impressed by the clarity with which information is transmitted and that the verbal discussions are summarized in writing by e-mail. Personally, they have been very helpful since I started working with you. I interacted with staff from the legal department and the contracting department, about whom I can say that at a very high level of professionalism, always available, they came back on some information that I may have forgotten and more extremely well informed about any information I wanted to obtained. I congratulate you for this well-prepared team, not only if maybe I will continue collaborations on several branches, at the pace I will need as a legal entity. "
    Raluca Maria Avadani – administrator



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Tel: 0374 88 40 45
WhatsApp: 0746 080 215
E-mail: juridic.online@expertmind.ro
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